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I am living on a meditatio retreat completly off the grid in the sierra foothills of california. we currently get all of our power from a propane generator. the time has come to replace the gen and were looking into getting a diesel generator. At first we had planned on making biodiesel to run the new gen; but someone brought up the point of converting the gen to run off of SVO.


ive done a bit of research on these conversions and still dont feel confident in my knowledge. yes, ive seen alot of conversion kits; but how would i go about doing it completly on my own? any links, guides, experiences? which generators (models/specs) would be ideal in purchasing for this purpose?


if there are any do-it-yourself conversion guides out there [i havent found much] id greatly appreciate the link.


any and all information greatly appreciated


thank you,



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I produced a DIY conversion DVD.
In the DVD I convert an older Mercedes, but the principle is the same for any water cooled diesel engine (or genset).


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If you're planning on running a generator for moderate amounts of power and are looking for something that can run 24/7 for a LONG time (and are not afraid of "old" technology, check out a lister genset. Here's a good site describing one person's experience doing so:

It might provide some theraputic maintenance tasks for medatating mechanic/engineer types.

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We have been testing & selling the Lister Type engines w/ vegetable oil conversions for over a year and they have performed beautifully in the field.  

The Lister engines have indirect injection and are very tolerant of alternative fuels like vegetable oil.

We utilize the engine's waste heat and a 12 V heater to heat the vegetable oil to about 160 degrees. The high temperatures thin the vegetable oil, giving it the same visciocity (thickness) as diesel fuel.

We are currently offering a single cylinder 3,000 watt and 6,600 watt with this type of conversion.

Follow this link for more information:

Follow this link for more information on how our pre-heating system:

Bill Perry
Central Maine Diesel


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hey wow you really have a nice thing going on your website. im glad to see these things being sold finally.

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WVO generators available, with a two tank system, from 5.5 kw to 125 KW.
email me for info:

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