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Future ethanol feedstock states.  I'm thinking the top producing states of sugar cane and sugar beets will see a boom in the next 5-10 years.



Sugar cane
Top U.S. producers in 2005:
13 million tons
LOUISIANA: 9.7 million tons
HAWAII: 2 million tons
TEXAS: 1.5 million tons

Sugar beets
Top U.S. producers in 2005:
MINNESOTA: 9.4 million tons
IDAHO: 4.7 million tons
NORTH DAKOTA: 4.6 million tons
MICHIGAN: 3.2 million tons
CALIFORNIA: 1.7 million tons
MONTANA: 1.1 million tons
NEBRASKA: 924,000 tons
COLORADO: 833,000 tons
WYOMING: 801,000 tons
OREGON: 307,000 tons
WASHINGTON: 69,000 tons

Source: U.S. Agriculture Department

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